5 Types of Pruning Cuts

5 Types of Pruning Cuts
5 Types of Pruning Cuts

When it comes to pruning, you can never be too careful. Whether it is a shrub or a bonsai or a large tree, they all require different techniques to ensure proper growth and an appealing look.

As you begin to pay attention to different kinds of pruning techniques, you’ll begin to recognize the pattern. Now, before I get into a review of the different patterns, here are a few expressions/words to know in regards to pruning. By understanding the verbiage, you will have a better understanding of what techniques will be applied to your yard and garden.

Here is a short “Pruning Dictionary”:

  • Trimming – a combination of evening out and thinning, used for cutting out small short canes, shoots and dead or unwanted branches. This task should be done very gently.
  • Dilution – to provide more sunlight and allow fresh air to flow into the base of the plant, encouraging the growth of young branches. This is a great way to clear away any chances of your plant getting a disease.

A good example of this is a tall shrub. This process applies to cutting away any excess branches along the stem or trunk of the shrub so that the branches are only at the top, where they should be.

  • Removal – pruning dead or live branches that grow in different places or in wrong directions. This is similar to dilution.
  • Thinning – pruning branches that don’t fit the general form of the shrub. When thinning, it is important to avoid removing more than 1/3 of the shrub.
  • Turning sides – when you want to change the direction of growth.
  • Renewal pruning – this is used for new growth, to replace exhausted old branches.

How to Prune

Just as important, if not more important than the technique you use, is the tool you use – your hand pruning shears. Use sharp, high-quality pruners – they will make your life, and the lives of your plants better, easier and happier.

Using cheap shears with dull blades can damage your plant. They can also bring on diseases that can kill your plant.

You don’t need to be hard on yourself about ensuring that every plant is cut the exact same way each time. Most plants will respond well to your love and attention in general, no matter how it comes. However, when you are first starting your own pruning or having a professional come do it for you, it is valuable to understand the process and the terms that come with it.

We have years of experience with pruning all different kinds of plants. Give us a call and we can get the job done for you right while we discuss the terms and practices that Nile River likes to use.

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